Hawkeye Tools

Bottom Hole Assembly

Whatever your thru-tubing need, Hawkeye can design the proper bottom hole assembly to get the job done right the first time. The proper combination of tools making up the bottom hole assembly run in your well are dependent on many factors ranging from required circulating rates to wellbore tortuosity. To understand the operator’s desired needs as well as making sure Hawkeye’s tool supervisor is ready to handle a potentially difficult situation, Hawkeye recommends the operator provide as much detail on wellbore dimensions and trajectory as possible. With proper teamwork and planning, Hawkeye will be prepared to provide you our superior service and reliability.

In addition to the tools used for drilling/milling operations, Hawkeye carries the following tools and supplies:

  • Wash Nozzles – Hawkeye carries a variety of wash nozzles (stationary and spinning) to aid in cleaning out your wells.
  • Fishing Equipment - For specific fishing requirements please contact Hawkeye.
  • Overshots – Hawkeye carries a variety of overshots and overshot extensions for retrieving your fish.
  • Spears – Hawkeye carries a variety of sizes of spears for running and retrieving tools with a fishing neck.
  • Venturi Junk Basket – Hawkeye carries in stock a variety of venture junk baskets for use in removing debris from the wellbore.
  • Wellbore Lubricants

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