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Hawkeye specializes in the drilling/milling of frac plugs and sleeves in vertical and horizontal wells via any conveyance method (i.e. coil tubing or stick tubing). At Hawkeye, we pride ourselves in providing the best thru tubing services and equipment in the industry. HCS exclusively uses Bico’s SpiroStar motors – a motor that has proven itself to be able to handle conditions well outside a normal motors operating capability. If a mill is your preference to remove your diversion system, our carbide mills can be made to your specifications or we have available mills designed to any diversion system manufacturer’s specifications. Whether you have a preset plug or multiple sleeves or plugs, Hawkeye is equipped with the best tools and tool supervisors to get you to bottom.


Hawkeye has the capability to perform other operations requiring tools to be run on coil tubing as well as stick. When it comes to clean out services, Hawkeye carries multiple types of jetting tools and venturi junk baskets that will get you to bottom. Hawkeye also provides the tools necessary for running perforating guns and cased hole logging.


Although Hawkeye is not a full service fishing company, Hawkeye has the tools to fish a wide variety of completion equipment that may be in your wellbore. Please contact us directly with information on your fishing job to see how Hawkeye can help retrieve the equipment and return your well to a workable wellbore.

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