Hawkeye Completions Services, LLC

The Premium Thru Tubing Specialists in the Rockies

Hawkeye Completion Services, a Limited Liability Company Registered in Wyoming, began operations in March 2010. Hawkeye is committed to saving our customers money by always providing superior service, equipment, and reliability. To accomplish this commitment, Hawkeye uses only premium tools and equipment and has well trained tool supervisors who know how to properly run them. With our main shop/warehouse in Casper, Wyoming and a second shop in Loveland, Colorado, we can deliver quick service and superior tools to locations in Wyoming and Colorado.

At Hawkeye, we take great pride in using only the best tools and equipment. Coupled with our quality control procedures, we can ensure that when Hawkeye shows up on your location the tools being run in your well by our tool supervisors will do the job right the first time. Saving our customers money starts with being prepared to do the job at hand and being able to handle unforeseen problems that may arise. To this end, Hawkeye typically brings to the well site a trailer loaded with various equipment options and replacement parts. These trailers also serve as traveling warehouses which allow us to provide our services to areas outside of Wyoming and Colorado.

When it comes to our tool supervisors, we have a very simple belief - If our tools are in-the-hole, our supervisor is on the rig. All of Hawkeye’s tool supervisors are trained by our supervisors and managers to meet Hawkeye’s high standards before they are released to work independently on your well. Our tool supervisors are cross trained to work on Coiled Tubing units, Conventional Workover rigs and Snubbing units.

Call us and allow us to assist you in properly designing the bottomhole assembly to meet the challenges of your well.

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