Hawkeye Case Histories

The following case histories are typical of Hawkeye Completion Services performance. Our commitment to one job - one motor – one run approaches 100 percent.

Harsh Environment

Hawkeye was contacted by a major operator in the Rockies to help design and perform cleanout/milling operations via coiled tubing of sleeves in horizontal wells which were drilled in a semi-depleted formation. These wells contained 10-13 sleeves in a 4,000 foot lateral at total measured depth of 15,000 feet. Attempts to clean out these wells prior to calling Hawkeye had been a major disappointment to the operator with multiple tool failures and stuck tools. Because of the low bottom hole pressures, the operator desired to pump 1,400-1,600 SCFM of nitrogen to assist in circulation while milling out the sleeves. With the use of the BICO SpiroStar motor and a properly design bottom hole assembly, Hawkeye was able to clean out the operators wells with one motor, one run, and on average 24 hours from rig up to rig down. The operator was pleased with Hawkeye’s successful ability to handle the desired quantities of nitrogen in an efficient manner and similar operations have been performed on over 30 all of the operator’s wells.

High Pressure

An operator needed to drill out 27 plugs in a 21,600 foot total measured depth/11,800 foot true vertical depth well using a snubbing unit because of the high pressures encountered as well as the length of the horizontal section. Hawkeye successfully drilled out this well and several others with one motor and one run in a little over 4 days from picking up tools to laying them down. Most impressed in this operation was the snubbing unit operator who had yet seen a well such as this cleaned out with less than two motors and multiple trips.

Extended Reach

Another major operator had been experimenting with drilling extended reach horizontal wells with true vertical depths of 7,000 feet and a horizontal leg of 9,000 feet containing 37 sleeves. Hawkeye was called out on numerous of these wells and is the only company the operator has been able to rely on to mill out to bottom all the sleeves with one motor and one run. Total time from picking up tools to laying them down is just over 2½ days.

If you have any questions as to how best to cleanout your well, call Hawkeye Completion Services and our experts will be glad to assist you.

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